4 Tips for Posting a Link to LinkedIn

4 Tips for Posting a Link to LinkedIn

Expand the Audience for Your Blog Posts by Sharing on LinkedIn

Careful thought, research and writing go into crafting each blog post on your website. An easy way to get “double duty” out of this marketing effort is to share that post with your LinkedIn network.

Follow these LinkedIn posting tips to easily create an effective post. Your published post will look something like this:

Tips for Posting a Link to LinkedIn

LinkedIn Post Tip #1: Have a Fascinating Image

The picture illustrating your post is the first thing your LinkedIn audience will see, so make it “Wow!” Most of the time, this should be simple to do, since LinkedIn pulls the featured image from the link you post. You do make sure to set a featured image for each blog post, right?

LinkedIn Post Tip #2: Make the Blurb Interesting

A link alone won’t inspire LinkedIn users to click on it. Craft an excerpt from your article that is arresting, controversial, tantalizing or some other interesting adjective.

LinkedIn Post Tip #3: Add a Call to Action

Leave the link in the post body (don’t delete it). This gives the reader two chances to click on your article– in the post body and on the featured image.

Just before the link, add some brief CTA text. My example uses “Get the List.” Other CTA options include:

  • Learn More
  • Get More Info
  • See the Risks
  • Get the Answer
  • Watch the Video

Make the CTA relevant to the article content, and keep it short.

LinkedIn Post Tip #4: Include Hashtags

LinkedIn users can follow #hashtags and see posts that include them. Identify some popular hashtags for your business and add a few of them to the end of your posts. It’s a fast way to extend your reach to a larger relevant audience.

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