A Clever Small Business Marketing Example for Complicated Businesses

A Clever Small Business Marketing Example for Complicated Businesses

ChipDrop Connects Gardeners Seeking Free Mulch with Arborists. It Seems So Simple.

During the course of their work, arborists create massive amounts of wood chips that can be expensive to dispose of. Many gardeners value wood chips to use as mulch. ChipDrop connects gardeners with local area arborists to deliver free loads of wood chips. The business model concept is simple, but the customer experience is complicated.

For instance, gardeners receive no notice before receiving a load of wood chips, and they have no control over the size of the load. And it might take one day or six weeks to receive a load. But, the chips are free. To be successful and prevent a customer service nightmare, ChipDrop needs to recruit gardeners who are willing to accept these parameters.

Marketing Video Clearly Explains the Drawbacks of Being a Customer

When a gardener signs up for ChipDrop, they receive this email:

The first video explains creatively and clearly how niche a service this is, and that it’s not for everyone.

Unlike the Big Players, Small Business Marketing Can Embrace Quirks

This small business marketing example perfectly shows how small businesses are poised to develop meaningful connections with customers and inspire loyalty. By clearly explaining who shouldn’t be its customer, ChipDrop unifies the gardeners who are perfect customers for the service.

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