A Small Business COVID-19 Success Story in Ohio

A Small Business COVID-19 Success Story in Ohio

Innovation in Vaccine Storage Leads to 30% Growth in Hiring

It’s easy to find bad news about small businesses in the midst of the pandemic. But in a press release from the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, we learn some encouraging news about Ohio small business Stirling Ultracold:

“Lt. Governor Jon Husted highlighted a company out of Athens, Ohio that has become a critical component of the nation’s vaccine distribution infrastructure. Stirling Ultracold manufactures one-of-kind, portable Ultra-Low Temperature (ULT) freezers, which are used to transfer the vaccines from the manufacturer to local hospitals, pharmacies, and other healthcare providers to safely store until being administered.

“During today’s press conference, the Lt. Governor presented the portable freezer, which is capable of storing both the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines for extended periods of time. The freezer is currently set at -71° C (-95.8° F).

“The company is headquartered in Athens, Ohio, where its technology was developed and where the products are manufactured today. Stirling Ultracold has expanded its employee base by 30 percent over the last three months and now employs 200 Ohioans.”  

A Small Business COVID-19 Success Story in Ohio

US Company’s Ultracold Freezer Protects 140M Vaccine Doses

Stirling Ultracold analyzed what customers needed for vaccine storage and pivoted to provide these crucial product requirements. Depending on the type of COVID-19 vaccine, vials need to be stored at temperatures as low as -60 degrees C (-76 degrees F). Portability, reliability, storage density and power use are other important concerns.

Currently, the company reports their ultracold storage units being used in 155 countries and across all 50 states.

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