Angie’s List Changes Name to Angi

Angie's List Changes Name to Angi

Popular 26-Year-Old Review Platform Has Long Been Resource for Homeowners

Along with a new tagline, Your Home for Everything Home, Angie’s List announced its name change to Angi in March 2021. Check out the intro video:

Angie's List Changes Name to Angi

What Will Change for Small Businesses that Use Angi?

Right now, details are vague, but Angi has announced a few changes that affect current Angie’s List Certified Pros:

  • A new rating system. Instead of the previous A-F grades, Angi is standardizing on the one through five star system that consumers are familiar with. Angi Certified Pros must maintain a three-star rating.
  • The Angi Pro App offers a new way for customers to pay professionals. The app integrates with Square and QuickBooks. In an email to advertisers, Angi claims, “By using Angi Pay, you’ll pay ZERO processing fees on all credit card transactions and can offer your customers simple, contactless payments, all totally free of charge.”
  • Lead board changes. Rebranding and website re-designs are notorious for changing things around. Angi Certified Pros will need to adjust how they access messages, but Angi claims they will find, “more pertinent information about a potential customer’s project within the lead details.”

What Stays the Same?

The Super Service Award, ability to advertise, company profile and existing reviews will all remain with Angi.

Have questions about what the change from Angie’s List to Angi might mean for your small business? Contact Us.

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