Logo Design for Small Business is Big on Personality

Logo Design for Small Business is Big on Personality

5 Designs Work Together for Important Customer Groups

The John M. Lytell Agency, LLC hired Zoo in a Jungle Marketing to design a suite of logos that show the personalized attention clients receive from this Midwest insurance agency. Each of the agency’s customer groups find their needs illustrated.

Here are the logo designs for this small business:

Logo Design for Small Business Appeals to Customer Groups
  • The classic monogram logo badge works for all audiences
  • The small town badge appeals to commercial clients and small businesses
  • The family badge is used for clients of homeowner’s and vehicle insurance
  • The farmland badge targets farmers, of course
  • The sunrise badge appeals to any audience, as an alternate to the monogram

Small Businesses Should Showcase Personality in Their Logos

As I often advocate, this logo design illustrates how small businesses can embrace and showcase their personalities to customers. The John M. Lytell Agency, LLC is community-focused and extremely knowledgeable in its area. Clients develop a relationship with their agent that could last a lifetime. That’s a big benefit that simply can’t be replicated by the big brands.

Your small business has a personality. Contact us to introduce it to the world.

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