TV Advertising for Small Business

TV Advertising for Small Business

Hulu’s Ad Platform Opens Advertising to the Masses

Advertising alongside popular programs and shows has always seemed out of reach for small business. It was both cost-prohibitive and difficult to reach the niche audience that most small businesses rely on as their customer base.

TV Advertising for Small Business

But Hulu is launching a beta program tailored for small business, and now anyone has the opportunity to advertise on the platform. I celebrate this innovation and the democratization of advertising.

Hulu Advertising Overview

Hulu provides these details about its ad platform:

  • Campaigns require a minimum budget of $500
  • Audience targeting is offered by geography, viewer interests, gender, age or specific genre
  • Ads can be scheduled for specific times and days

Just Because a Small Business Can Advertise on Hulu, Doesn’t Mean it Should

As promising as this new innovation might be, your small business still needs a marketing strategy that justifies this advertising medium. Reporting on the Hulu Ad Platform seems limited to impressions, so tracking results from a Hulu campaign could be tricky.

Want to discuss is Hulu advertising is right for your small business? Contact us.

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