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New Responsive Google Ads Don't (Yet) Beat Human Intelligence

New Responsive Google Ads Don’t (Yet) Beat Human Intelligence

Google recently released a new beta ad type for search, the responsive search ad. An advertiser supplies a variety of headlines and descriptions, which Google’s AI combines into ads based on users’ search terms. Google provides this example of responsive…

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Save Your Marketing Budget with Negative Keywords

Almost every pay-per-click advertising campaign has room for optimization. Today, let’s focus on one simple way to save money with your Google AdWords campaigns: adding negative keywords. A negative keyword prevents your ad from being triggered by a certain word or…

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Marketing Podcast: SEO Roundtable

Dave Weatherholt handed me the reins to talk about search engine optimization (SEO) during this month’s “Getting Down to Business” radio show. I was joined by fellow SEO expert Steve Volz of Alaska Search Marketing. In this 30-minute podcast, learn…

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Stuck on Search Engine Optimization?

Sometimes optimizing your website for keywords can feel stifling. For instance, how many times can a person put “tax accountant” on a web page before looking ridiculous? (I’m not sure, but the article certainly pushes it, don’t you think?)…

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