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New Responsive Google Ads Don't (Yet) Beat Human Intelligence

New Responsive Google Ads Don’t (Yet) Beat Human Intelligence

Google recently released a new beta ad type for search, the responsive search ad. An advertiser supplies a variety of headlines and descriptions, which Google’s AI combines into ads based on users’ search terms. Google provides this example of responsive…

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What to do if spammers give you bad recommendations on Facebook

What to Do if Spammers Give You Fake Recommendations on Facebook

Even Marketing Experts Make Mistakes Back in 2013, I had just given birth to premature twins who needed constant love and care. Given Murphy’s Law, that’s exactly when four spam Facebook accounts gave my business low-star reviews, wrecking my Facebook…

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Once Upon a Child's New Marketing Strategy Blends Online and In-Store Experiences

Once Upon a Child’s New Marketing Strategy Blends Online and In-Store Experiences

Small Business Marketing Case Study My favorite resale shop for kids clothes, toys and gear took a risk last year when it shifted focus from its popular Facebook brand page in favor of creating individual pages for each local store.…

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