Coronavirus and Groundhog's Day: 2 Examples of Current Event Content Hooks

Coronavirus and Groundhog’s Day: 2 Examples of Current Event Content Hooks

How to Create Content When Your Small Business Isn’t Outlandishly Exciting For some small businesses, marketing content efforts are easy. When you sell something customers dream about, like clothing or food, creating content around your products and services is naturally…

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It’s Election Day. You Won’t Read this Post.

Except you might read my post now that I’ve included a shameless mention of Election Day. When your customers are universally interested in an event or holiday, don’t change the subject. Work with it. Although cycles of celebration may not…

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A Really Limited-Time Offer

The department that writes marketing campaign headlines at Walmart clearly isn’t the same department that designs the automated app marketing: Make Mom Happy! Until Saturday, that is. After Saturday, Mom will have to fend for herself. Consider this weekly ad from Walmart a friendly reminder…

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Is an Editorial Calendar Part of Your Small Business Marketing Plan?

An editorial calendar helps answer the question, “What am I supposed to do next?” It’s a tactical element of your small business marketing plan that lays out the month, quarter or year. With only a few hours of work, you’ll…

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