Lighthouse Carwash Systems, Inc.
Amanda was the head of Lighthouse Carwash Systems' marketing department before she moved to Cincinnati. Lighthouse Carwash has both a business-to-business and consumer client base. They sell their Complete Carwash Business featuring their patented glass building to investors and licensees across the country. They also have several company-owned car wash operations throughout the Midwest. Although Lighthouse Carwash and Amanda are now separated by geography, the company is still one of her best clients.

Consumer    Investor
For Lighthouse's company-owned operations and licensee locations, Amanda developed a marketing strategy to increase revenue and volume. She designed promotional and directional signs for each location and a calendar of activities for each year. She also implemented a successful loyalty card program that increased monthly revenue and allowed car wash managers to develop partnerships with local fundraising organizations. Amanda developed and implemented a marketing plan to find, track, and engage new licensees and investors for the company's branded business opportunity-- "The Complete Carwash." She used many tools including sales team training, internet advertising, customer databases, trade show presences, targeted brochures and business plans.

Signs: The Perfect Gift and Open 24 Hours

Menu Sign

Campaign Brief for Free Upgrade Promotion
(PDF/Adobe Acrobat)

Campaign Brief for FM Broadcast of Car Wash Instructions (PDF/Adobe Acrobat)

Flyers: TurnKey Carwash, Anatomy of a Lighthouse Carwash and Versatility Through Superior Engineering

Article published in Professional Carwashing and Detailing

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